HY-POWER Produktions und Handels GmbH

our USP

  • potential savings
    • useful life of rail may be extended by at least 200%
    • danger of derailment may be reduced by 2/3
    • energy costs are reduced considerably
    • noise reduction avoids need of expensive constructions like noise barriers

  • minimal lubrication
    • exact adjusting of produced quantity
    • therby, minimal grease consumption
    • use of biodegradable lubricants

  • no demounting necessary for winter

  • usable for all rails and wheel flanges

  • lubricant is not applied in places
    • but as a continuous grease film over the total circumference of the wheel

  • HY-POWER equipment passed all established electro-magnetic compability tests and correspond CE standards

  • all HY-POWER products are patent-protected